Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Class 12 exams, preparing to pave the way for graduation

Preparations are underway to open the exit of the postponed class 12 examination soon. Millions of students are confused due to the absence of postponed exams and this will affect all the undergraduate classes of all the universities in Nepal. Finding a way out of this subject will open the way for students to study at the undergraduate level.
Chairman of the National Examination Board, Prada Chandramani Poudel, said that there is a continuous dialogue with the government on the conduct and certification of class 12 students.

Debate on exam method
Discussions have been started on various options for conducting the examination of class 12 students and publishing the results. Some time ago, it was planned to complete the examination of the students in the old way and publish the results before ten o’clock. But now that possibility has been ruled out. Now, as an alternative, discussions are underway to give the school the final right to evaluate students, just like in class 11.

Debate on exam method
Graduation level affected
Failure to conduct the Class 12 examination on time and publish the results will affect the undergraduate programs of all the universities in Nepal. There is a demand from the people in this field as all the undergraduate programs including medicine, engineering, agriculture, forestry, management will be affected and the academic session of the students will be affected.

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