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From now on, class 11 examination will be held in the third week of May

The name of the examination in class 11 is Secondary Education Passing Examination (SSCE). The National Examination Board has mentioned the procedure of conducting, managing, evaluating, publishing and certifying the results of class 11 examination, 2077 BS. The board has some authority in the procedure for deciding to conduct the examination from the school itself. The Board reserves the right to investigate and monitor the examination if it is not satisfied.

It is mentioned that the school should keep a record of daily attendance and only the students who have at least 70 (seventy) percent attendance should be allowed to participate in the final examination taken from the school. Now, according to the criteria set by the examination board of class 11, the examination will have to be conducted from the third week of May every year. Paragraph 4 of the Rules of Procedure provides for the formation of an annual examination management, operation, result publication and verification committee to be conducted by the school.

There is an arrangement for the members to be members nominated by the headmaster / principal from among the concerned class teachers and subject teachers. The committee will prepare question paper test and publish the results. The overall evaluation of the student should be done by calculating the result obtained by the student in the working method.

The Board has the right to update the registration details of the subjects selected in class 11, to monitor and inspect the annual examination and to direct the question papers prepared by the school according to the structure and specialization schedule prescribed by the curriculum. It is almost certain that all the students will bring D + in the class 11 examination.

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