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Suggestions to the local level to start work from the south

Local governance experts have suggested the local level to start the process of spending the budget from the beginning of July. It is suggested to start the process of spending the budget from July as the burden of spending the budget at the end of the fiscal year will be reduced and the scheduled work can be completed. At the local level, the trend of spending towards the end of the fiscal year has been steadily increasing.

There is a tendency to slow down due to sluggish development and weaken the development of infrastructure. Experts have pointed out the need to start the administrative process of budget expenditure from July to end such tradition. Former Secretary Krishna Hari Banskota gave full authority to the Chief Administrative Officer to spend in the first week of July for the effective implementation of the budget.

Local Govt. Shyam Bhurtel said that the effectiveness of the work would increase if the local level could pay special attention to the implementation of the Local Government Operation Act and Intergovernmental Finance Management Act. If the budget for the new fiscal year has already been passed in the previous fiscal year, there will be no problem in implementing the budget from the beginning. Each municipality should prepare its annual budget and program and hang it for the general public to see. Each ward office should create a flex board to make the budget and program public.

Banskota said that the concerned Comptroller and Auditor General’s Office should be informed along with the required documents to indicate that the expenditure has started from July 20. He said, “Employees should search for the documents of receipt of all kinds of grants from the federal and state governments with interest. The government should never act like a scorching sun to get the paper from the post office.”

Dr. Bhurtel says that the development of Asare will come when the local level delays the work by making a monthly schedule to complete its programs within the stipulated time. He also said that the speed and effectiveness of the work of the local government would increase if it could work in coordination and direction with the federal and state governments. This news is published in today’s Gorkhapatra daily.

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