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New protocol for corona testing in Nepal

June,6 Public health experts say the new protocol developed by the Ministry of Health and Population to test for corona virus (Covid-19) is unscientific. Stating that the number of quarantine occupants has increased unexpectedly and many samples are being held in the laboratory, the ministry has formulated a ‘National Testing Guideline for Covid-19’.

It has separated three priority groups.

The first priority group will be the community where the infection has spread, people living in isolation and people who have had direct contact with the infected. The second priority group includes frontline health workers, security personnel, chronically ill patients and hospital ambulance drivers and other staff. The third priority will be people with symptoms but not in any of the above priority groups.

According to the new protocol, those who do not have any symptoms of corona, do not have a travel history and are able to get tested on their own will not be given priority in the test. Similarly, if there is respiratory problem or fever, it should be 14 days after returning from the area where the infection has spread.

In addition, PCR tests are recommended only for those with other symptoms of corona, such as fever or respiratory problems. Infectious disease specialist Dr Anup Subedi says the new standards set by the government are unscientific. According to him, such testing protocol proves to be fatal when there is a risk of spreading the infection in the community.

Bacteriologist Dr. According to Sudip Khadka, one third of people with corona infection do not show symptoms at an early stage. Similarly, not all infected people get fever in the early stages. If infected people show symptoms, only 44 to 98 percent initially show symptoms of fever.

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