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Teacher License Result Public: Lower Secondary Level (english)

The Teacher Services Commission has announced the results of one additional subject of the lower secondary level teacher teaching license (license). The commission issued a notification on  announcing the results of the compulsory English subject. 

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The following secondary and secondary level teachers will pass the exam and get a thematic license. Based on this, they will be able to teach. Administrative Officer and Joint Secretary of the Commission, Tulsi Prasad Thapaliya informed that the syllabus is being prepared for the examination of the permit.

Now it is time to test the expertise while licensing. Thapaliya said, “The syllabus has been set up, the approval phase is in place and it will be implemented immediately.” The Commission has also started preliminary preparations to bring the concept of specialization test to teachers who are teaching at the school level (1-3). Administrative officer Thapaliya said the concept of testing teachers’ expertise has been moved forward.

Are you ready to get a teacher’s license? If so, you need to know these things. The Teacher Services Commission is now providing teacher licensure examinations as per the new syllabus.

The Teacher Services Commission has said that the current teacher licensure exam will be conducted in accordance with the new syllabus and the exam will be conducted within the coming months. The Commission has already made a new syllabus for the Teacher Services Commission. Now Tulsi Thapaliya, administrative head of the Teacher Services Commission, is preparing to advertise with thematic examination according to the same syllabus.

Earlier, though teaching Nepali, science and mathematics subjects in the licensure examination, the same question will be asked, but now separate questions will be asked, said Thapaliya. It is now said that there are 6 separate questions for each subject, called thematic knowledge of the six digits. Thapaliya said, “Now teachers who have no deep knowledge of the subject they teach are going through the licensing process.”

Likewise, it is said that there will be 3 questions of 5 marks followed by 6 marks teaching skill and which questions will be the subject of teaching and how to teach. Similarly, the teacher service commission has said that the questions of professional knowledge will be asked in the same way as before, in the first issue of 5 marks. It has stated that there will be questions about the constitution, the laws and so on. For the first time in this genre, the participant who has been licensed from the Teacher License Examination must have acquired knowledge of thematic, professional and timely subjects.


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